Paint Corrections

What is paint correction and how is it done?


Paint correction or also known as a multi stage power polish, is the process of levelling your clear coat and removing imperfections such as swirls, scratches and UV damage that will make your paint look dual and faded.

At Divine Shine we provide free in-person paint inspections and consultations.

This includes a thorough inspection of your clear coat with a Scangrip Colour Match light to find imperfections. Followed by measuring each individual panel with a paint depth gauge to learn how much paint each panel has. We will then educate you on the level of imperfections you have and how many stages of correction you would need to remove them.

All corrections come with a full exterior detail, paint decontamination of iron, tar and removal of embedded contamination.

All corrections come with a 6 month Gtechniq Liquid Crystal Paint Sealant, but for the ultimate protection, long lasting shine and ease of maintenance we recommend applying Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra.